The Transparent Chase Jarvis

I may have a man-crush in the form of Chase Jarvis. If you are a photographer with access to a computer (chances of this are very high) you have probably stumbled across a video, blog or comment referring to him. I written about him here before and he keeps showing up in the photo community with regularity. Most recently he gave a presentation at the PhotoShelter Town Hall forum in New York. The people at PhotoShelter have been kind enough to put the whole 55 minute presentation on their blog for our viewing pleasure.

Among some of the topics he covered were the current state of the industry regarding microstock and how it will effect the high-end shooters (it won’t) and what us new guys can do to stand out in a seemingly soft market (think different). He outlines his list of “dos” and talks extensively about passion for photography and marketing yourself but the takeaway I got was “give back.” Mr. Jarvis stressed the importance of giving back to the photo community in any way you can. Get involved, make a change, be heard.

Chase gives back in a lot of ways but perhaps the most valuable thing he does is take a transparency approach to his work. He has documented many shoots and projects and posted video on his blog and YouTube for all to see. Check out his lighting setup, watch the way he works with models, see the crew and gear involved, he’s got it all there. Watch a couple of his videos, see his enthusiasm for the art and how infectious it is. You’ll want to go hire ninjas and rent an empty warehouse (but don’t, because he already did that).

If you’ve got a little time and want some inspiration, I recommend settling in for an hour or so and soaking up a bit of wisdom from some of todays top shooters.