Reviving a Corpse: Halloween drinks with Thursday Happy Hour

SkeletonCherryThiefHad a lot of fun this past month coming up with ideas for my side project Thursday Happy Hour. October brings a change of season, shorter days, new beers, harvest, Oktoberfest and one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. Getting to come up with images to go along with the great editorial that the writers construct was just too fun. Got to break out the fog machine for the Smokejumper ale from the Great American Beer Fest then use it again for the sleepy hallow effect on the Hobgoblin English Ale. Carved pumpkins (almost) for the Oktoberfest brew and shot some grilled brats at the local festivities. My favorite though was the series made for the Corpse Reviver #2. This is a very classic drink, meticulously mixed and perfectly named for Halloween. I knew exactly what I wanted for the shot;  6″ plastic skeletons, of course.

Luckily I didn’t have to go far. The Spirit store down the road had a package of two for 2 bucks. An X-Acto, a little hot glue, a cocktail sword and I had my corpse to revive. We had too much fun posing the little guy in all sorts of ways but ultimately had to choose one. The others are above and I like the little story they tell.

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Cheers for now!

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