Getting Naked: Pop-up gallery show this week

This week I am proud to have my work hang in a one-night popup gallery show alongside some mega-talented photographers which include Art Streiber and Kerry Mansfield. The show, entitled Naked, is organized by APA | SD and represents the top 30 images chosen by prestigious judges Carol McCusker and Crista Dix.  The exhibition will run this Thursday night (9/15/2011) at Subtext Gallery and all artwork will be available for silent auction. Proceeds will be donated to the  organization AjA Project which provides photography-based programming to youth affected by war and displacement.

These are a few of the images I entered for consideration. The last image, “Blue Dress,” will be included to hang in the show. The final selection of images spans the gamut from classic nudes to the decidedly unglamorous visions of what “naked” could mean. The possibilities are both endless and clearly defined – Naked can be interpreted a million ways.Copyright Gary Allard, All rights reserved© Gary Allard, 2011 All rights reserved© Gary Allard, 2011 All rights reserved

If you are in San Diego please come by, say hello, tip a glass and enjoy the great art. Oh, did I mention live music by the fabulous Red Fox Tails too? Yea, don’t miss it. See you at Subtext this Thursday.

All photos ©