The Unseen Project

The Vacant Hotel Churchill, built in 1913
I am proud to announce the collaborative show San Diego UNSEEN: An Urban Portrait. The show is the cumulative efforts of myself and two other very talented photographers, Justin Lee and Sean Cassidy. Together we will present three distinctly different views of our city. I hope you’ll join me next Thursday, May 24 at 3RDSPACE: Co-Working and Private Club For The Creative. Want to participate? Get the details to submit your own photos here.

For me, this project focuses on San Diego past and present. The architecture of yesterday complimenting its contemporary counterpart. The old is coexisting with the new, and I’m fascinated by it. When I began this project I felt as though I knew the city well, knew its quirks and most interesting areas. But as I walked the streets to photograph it, I saw a deeper side of our city. One that revealed itself slowly and became more meaningful the more photographs I made. I’d revisit a building several times and it would seem to have changed just a little every time I saw it. A city in motion.

During the process of this project, I have come to know San Diego better. To feel a little closer to a city that I perhaps have not taken a long enough look at. And, to see the unseen that makes our urban landscape so unique. I invite everyone to do the same whether you’re in San Diego or beyond. Go out and See.

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I will have original work available for purchase as well as limited edition prints of select pieces. A portion of the night’s proceeds will benefit Engineers Without Borders.