The Currency of Ideas

Share Me: My NotebookAs a professional creative and visual communicator, ideas are my currency. The photography part happens after the fact. Sure, I need to have the skills to press the buttons and push the pixels but it’s nothing without an idea. And yet because of this, many creatives are very reluctant to share their best ideas with each other.

Ideas are valuable. More valuable than a finished product or even loads of capital. Why? They are infinitely scalable. If I told you about a handful of ideas I have, they would likely inspire you to think of your own. I just gave you something invaluable– an idea. You will pass yours along and others will have new ideas. Ideas breed innovation so you may have just inadvertently helped create the next big thing in medicine, or a philanthropic movement, or just a beautiful new work of art. See that? It all starts with sharing an idea.

Creativity works best when it moves sideways. When we keep our ideas vertical, internal, they only go so far. When we share our work, share our inspirations, share our creative projects, we all win.

By the way, this is NOT to be confused with giving work away. That’s a completely different thing. This is what happens before the work is made…

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