Accidental Photography

4 images from accidental shutter releases, © Gary Allard
Once in a while I find some oddball photos in my camera. Misfires from fumbling fingers. Happens to everyone. It’s rare that I get 30 at once. That’s what I found on my Lumix GX1 when uploading the card recently.

It was Fat Tuesday downtown and I was mingling with creatives at the Float bar in the Hard Rock Hotel. I’d been shooting off the roof down into the Mardi Gras action then slung my little camera to my shoulder. Now I was mingling like a champ, cocktail in one hand with my the other oh-so-casually hooked around my camera strap – snugly against the shutter button – click, click, clicking away at all manner of random stuff.

So with a Bob Ross attitude I decided instead of trashing the files, I’d see what I could do with them. That “Happy accidents” thing. Above are a few of the originals. Below is what I did by mashing them together and messing with some layer masks. Nothing too tricky but a fun diversion nonetheless.
Composite of accidental photos, © Gary Allard

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Cheers, and happy Friday!

All photos © Gary Allard /

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