Photo Notes from NYC

Tourist looking at nude painted woman in Time Square NYC © 2013 Gary Allard
A couple weeks ago I made my way out to New York City for a few days of big-city inspiration. No real agenda, which was a change from most of my trips there. I was tagging along with my lovely partner Shelly while she attended the 99% conference (another great source for inspiration). So, with no true expectations, I packed a suitcase and head east.

Things pan out nicely once we arrive. I find that my pal Chase Jarvis is there for the conference and my very close friend Eric is breezing through town to oversee a [very cool] Target project at Grand Central Station. Always special to run into good friends while traveling. Of course, dinner and drinks were had.

I like to walk in big cities. I feel it’s the only real way to connect with the vibe. I’m only estimating, but I’m sure I logged 25 miles on foot over four days. Of course I carried cameras along the way.

I passed by street artist JR’s Inside Out Project taking shape in Time Square. This is a fantastic project with its roots in the 2011 TED conference. If you are not familiar with the work JR does, take a few minutes to watch his 2011 TED Prize talk. Yes, art can change the world.

Street artist JR, in Time Sqaure for the Inside Out Project © 2013 Gary Allard

Artist JR and the Inside Out Project

Artist JR's Inside Out Project in Time Square
Of course while in Time Square it’s inevitable to run across all manner of people trying to grab their 15 minutes. Singing naked cowgirls, body painted, uh, fairies(?), and a handful of fuzzy characters (that are likely not employed by the studios that own rights to the likeness).
Singing Naked Cowgirls and a nude painted woman, Time Square NYCHappy man with bubble guns on Broadway, downtown NYC © 2013 Gary AllardWinnie the Pooh costume strolls the streets of New York.Big Bird takes a walk through Central Park in New York City.

NYC remains one of the most inspiring American cities I visit. It just never disappoints.

All photos © Gary Allard /

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