Imbibe 75

This month I’m very happy to be featured in the latest issue of Imbibe Magazine. It’s an honor because, not only am I a long time fan of the publication, they chose me to shoot their cover and feature for “Cocktail Bar of the Year” for the annual Imbibe 75 issue.

Polite Provisions on the cover of Imbibe Magazine, Jan. 2014
The assignment was made doubly sweet when I heard the bar was none other than Polite Provisions. The space, which opened in early 2013, spares no expense in creating an opulent and transformative environment to take in a craft beverage. Add to that an extremely polite (I know) staff and you have one kickass watering hole.
Bronze and marble bar of Polite Provisions; The Ken Burns Effect cocktail by Erick Castro

Proprietor and bartending legend Erick Castro and his crew invited me and my team with a warm welcome and gave us run of the place. And, as one may expect, shooting bartenders and cocktails has the added bonus of a few sips of something special throughout the day. Above are a couple of my favored shots that didn’t make the magazine. And for the record, that cocktail ended the day in my belly.

And, if grabbing the cover wasn’t enough, I had the honor of sharing the contributors page with cocktail historian and James Beard Award-winning writer/author David Wondrich. This is a guy who has influenced generations of bartenders and continues to push mixology into uncharted territory.

Grab your copy and raise a glass. Cheers!

Photos © 2013 Gary Allard / Gary Allard Photography

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