Matchbook Monday #03

The Sorrento Hotel & Fireside Room, Seattle
Box of matches from the Sorrento Hotel, Seattle © Gary AllardThe Sorrento Hotel in Seattle shared the same block as my first apartment in downtown Seattle. At the time, I was a scrappy 20-something and never really thought much of going there, being its fancy self and all. When a good friend insisted I visit the Hunt Club and Fireside Room, the swanky bar and lounge, I had to go. I wrangled my good pal Scott and we decided to dress the part and go in for a look.

The Fireside Room is a step back in time. As we approach, we’re greeted by the quiet clinking of glasses, piano jazz, and the low hum of friendly conversation. We grab a couple of club chairs near the fireplace and settle in. Despite my modest paychecks back then, I still wanted to play the role. The prices on the single malt whiskey list meant I would be blowing my entertainment budget for the week, in one night. I can’t recall which whiskey I had and it doesn’t matter. What I do recall was soaking up the ambiance next to the fire in the company of a very good friend, good conversation, and a glass of something special. This experience existed half a block from my little studio apartment but I felt like I was a hundred miles from it right then.

I still love discovering classic lounges steeped in nostalgia, but sadly they seem to be slowly disappearing. The Sorrento is holding fast to their gem, though. Visit while you can.

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