Matchbook Monday #05

Moomba, New York

Matchbox from legendary New York club Moomba

Bright, hot, and fast. Just like a match. That is how you might describe Moomba’s lifespan. Opening in 1998 and lasting just into 2001, it was legendary among entertainment A-listers and trend-hungry New Yorkers. Leo DiCaprio apparently was there 4 to 5 nights a week riding on his recent Titanic fame. Harrison Ford, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, all regulars. Me? I was there once.

We’d miraculously gotten a hard-to-get dinner reservation for after 8:00 PM. I was surprised anyone had even answered the phone. Places this trendy and hot generally have two phone numbers– one that works, but no one answers, and one that is unlisted but gets you a reservation. I was traveling with my good pal and co-worker Eric and we anticipated a great night. Moomba was a notorious hangout for actresses and models, which sounded like some good company to be in. I wore my best dark suit. Freshly polished shoes. We looked sharp.

Greeted warmly by our hostess, she collected the menus and led us to our table. A very intimate table. In a very quiet little alcove. VERY romantic. I could see what was happening. The hostess saw a couple of young, well dressed fellas there for dinner and gave us a first-date worthy table. Quiet and romantic, with no distractions at all from A-list actresses or models.

Come to think of it, that happened a lot when Eric and I traveled together…

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  1. by Karen on July 22, 2014  12:36 am Reply

    Nice: Put a smile on my face! Hope you and Eric had a great date. :)

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