Author archives: Gary Allard

  • New Motion Work

  • I've decided to take the plunge (heh, heh!) and begin working more seriously with motion and video. This piece marks my official debut. It's the first in a series of videos representing a number of luxury vacation homes in Palm Springs, CA. More to come! Shot on location at the Easmor Alexand[...]
  • Showing in the APA | SD Untitled 2015 Exhibition

  • That time of year again and I'm very happy to announce my work has once again been chosen to hang with the top 30 entries in Untitled 2015. I love this event, not because I am a part of the APA and help create it, but because I get to see so much incredible photographic talent submitted. Not to ment[...]
  • The Northwest 900

  • Just coming off of an inspiring road trip through a section of the Pacific Northwest with photos to share. It was a 900 mile clockwise loop, starting and ending in Seattle. I'd been wanting to make this trip for quite a while to reconnect with the wilds of the northwest. We flew into the city, pro[...]
  • Testing the Profoto B1 AirTTL with High Speed Sync

  • Normally I am big speedlight guy. I love 'em. Compact, lightweight and relatively powerful, they've served me well in remote locations where power and portability are an issue. So, when Tony from Nelson Photo Supplies suggested I take the B1 kit for a test drive, I wasn't sure how they would fit[...]
  • ASICS for Sports Authority, Part 2

  • Part two of my ASICS Running shoot has landed in-store recently (exclusively at Sports Authority). It was a nice surprise during a recent trip out to Palm Desert to run across the whole display, along with some spiffy with 3D signage. I have tremendous respect for the ASICS brand as well as t[...]
  • Matchbook Monday #05

  • Moomba, New York Bright, hot, and fast. Just like a match. That is how you might describe Moomba's lifespan. Opening in 1998 and lasting just into 2001, it was legendary among entertainment A-listers and trend-hungry New Yorkers. Leo DiCaprio apparently was there 4 to 5 nights a week riding o[...]
  • Five Ways to Break Your Creative Funk

  • We all get stuck. Those days (or weeks) that it feels like you may have to quit what you do and become a hobo. I guess it could be described as Creative Block but it's much broader than that. It's a Funk. It doesn't just effect our work, it effects our mood, our life in general. That's because life [...]
  • Matchbook Monday #04

  • RKCNDY, Seattle, WA. Late summer in 1993, my plans had been laid to leave Seattle. I'd just been offered a position in San Diego to run the art department of a small sportswear company. I needed a change, and this was going to be a big one. I was meeting up with friends at the legendary RKCNDY fo[...]
  • What the Hell Is That?

  • It's called The Blaster. It's a goofy lighting tool that I picked up a little while back and have just started to play with. In theory it sounds really fun, in practice it's going to take some time to figure out the quirks. Here's how it works: The Blaster is basically a lens mount, slide tray [...]
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