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  • Matchbook Monday #03

  • The Sorrento Hotel & Fireside Room, Seattle The Sorrento Hotel in Seattle shared the same block as my first apartment in downtown Seattle. At the time, I was a scrappy 20-something and never really thought much of going there, being its fancy self and all. When a good friend insisted I visit th[...]
  • What I Know

  • Comedian, writer, director, actor, etc., etc., Ricky Gervais said it best in a recent video interview with Fast Company: Go with what you know. I think all of us creatives are guilty, within varying degrees, of trying to mash every one of our creative visions into a succinct voice or vision for a[...]
  • Matchbook Monday #02

  • Las Vegas. So many of my stories can begin with "This one time in Vegas ..." I don't gamble, golf, or philander, so why so many Vegas stories? Magic. Not the Penn-and-Teller-magic but the garment industry Magic. As in, one of the largest conventions that rolls through Las Vegas, twice a year. Whe[...]
  • ASICS and Sports Authority

  • Last month I wrapped the final images of a recent shoot for ASICS and Sports Authority. It's a two part in-store campaign that will carry through to early summer. These are the final layouts for the Men's and Women's Winter delivery and are in store now. Although the job was fairly straight for[...]
  • Matchbook Monday #01

  • I'm starting something new. I'm calling it Matchbook Monday which sums it up: Every Monday I post photos of a matchbook from my [unofficial] collection, along with a quick story. A journal of "matchbook memories," if you will. I don't consider myself a collector of matches, I just end up with the[...]
  • Imbibe 75

  • This month I'm very happy to be featured in the latest issue of Imbibe Magazine. It's an honor because, not only am I a long time fan of the publication, they chose me to shoot their cover and feature for "Cocktail Bar of the Year" for the annual Imbibe 75 issue. The assignment was made doubly [...]
  • I'm honored! Really!

  • I'm going to take a minute to pat myself on the back. The annual APA | SD Photo Exhibition is coming up and I'm proud to say I've once again been selected to display work. This is such an honor to me since many of my pals and peers that I greatly admire have been included. The above photo was se[...]
  • The PGK Project: Learning to Dance Through a Lens

  • I met Peter Kalivas, founder and director of the PGK Project, through our mutual 3rdSpace involvement. Peter was looking to get photographs documenting the choreography and progress for an upcoming show. I routinely dive into personal projects when I have the time and when I saw a chance to work[...]
  • Photo Notes from NYC

  • A couple weeks ago I made my way out to New York City for a few days of big-city inspiration. No real agenda, which was a change from most of my trips there. I was tagging along with my lovely partner Shelly while she attended the 99% conference (another great source for inspiration). So, with no [...]
  • Salton Sea, March 2013

  • It took me long enough. I've lived in San Diego for nearly twenty years now and it was just a couple of weeks ago that I made the trip out to the Salton Sea. I know I'm late to the party. Many previous photographers had the chance to document the history and now long-gone structures from the lan[...]
  • Accidental Photography

  • Once in a while I find some oddball photos in my camera. Misfires from fumbling fingers. Happens to everyone. It's rare that I get 30 at once. That's what I found on my Lumix GX1 when uploading the card recently. It was Fat Tuesday downtown and I was mingling with creatives at the Float bar in [...]
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